What is GetGrass?

GetGrass is more than just a cryptocurrency project; it's a groundbreaking platform where blockchain meets real-world data. By leveraging the unused bandwidth resources of its community members, GetGrass aims to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that provides accurate and decentralized data for various A.I. based applications and private companies.

DIMO Drive and Earn


Drivers & Fleets:
put your data to work, get rewarded

DIMO is an open and user-owned DePiN network. This means that when businesses use your vehicle data for any reason, you EARN money in the form of $DIMO rewards.

DIMO is a user-owned IoT network that allows users to own and monetize their car's data. The DIMO Mobile app provides real-time vehicle health information, such as battery health, fuel level, and oil life. Users can also access vehicle insights and turn their car's data into an asset


USE CODE 4FPMUL and get 50 $DIMO just for signing up.
1. Enter the Code AFTER signing up BEFORE you enter your first VEHCLE.
2. Remain connected to your vehicle for 1 week min to receive AIRDROP of 50 $DIMO


  1. Download the DIMO Mobile app from the Google Play or IOS App Store

  2. Sign in to the app

  3. Create or connect a wallet (I recommend either of the Wallets Below)

  4. Enter Referral Code 4FPMUL

  5. Add your vehicle

  6. Confirm the sharing of vehicle data with $DIMO

  7. Select Use software to connect through the Tesla app

  8. Select the car

  9. Claim the vehicle ID

  10. Name the vehicle

Checkout $DIMO on X or on DISCORD

Hivemapper contributors around the world play different roles in building the world’s freshest map for the benefit of people everywhere.

Some of those people use dashcams to take pictures of the world as they drive. Some people, known as AI Trainers, look at pictures and teach computers what humans know about the world. Some people use Hivemapper's app to share important information for travelers, such as marking which roads are closed or being repaired. When people do work for the map, they get a token called HONEY that they can trade for Hivemapper's useful map data.

Get Connected -->

To set up a Hivemapper, you need the Hivemapper app, the Phantom wallet, and your phone. Here are some steps you can take to get started:

  1. Download the Hivemapper Companion app on the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS

  2. Open the app and tap the Connect Dashcam Wi-Fi button

  3. Select the Wi-Fi network that starts with dashcam- and a series of numbers and letters

  4. Open the Hivemapper app and click the Settings tab

  5. Click the Connect Wallet button to connect to the Phantom wallet

  6. Sign in using Phantom or Breeze

BEE Dashcam can be purchased here -->

The native token is $HONEY




For all purchases made during Phase Two: Steady Pace

* Tokens will only be awarded after mapping 2000 kilometers